Lady Explorer



I don’t know if I’m just really bad at small talk or I am just a bit boring (okay, so, no, let’s agree on the former), but whenever asks me what I’ve been up to, I pretty much always answer the same: “Oh, you know, not much… uni stuff…”

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty dang boring. I mean, I do do things! I have interests and hobbies, and I see my friends, and I don’t consider myself to be boring! But “You know… not much…” isn’t very convincing in reassuring others that this isn’t the case.


So I’ve made this quarter-year resolution to have a more interesting answer each time I’m asked – pick out at least one thing I’ve done in the past week or so that might be a little out of the ordinary, or, even if I literally have done nothing but uni all week, at least be a little more descriptive than “uni stuff” – that’s not that hard, right?


One thing that’ll help is the plans my friend Alana and I have for “adventuring” – spontaneous day trips to places we haven’t been before, just to see what we can see. I for one, will be sporting this sweet Lady Explorer hat that I picked up at my local RSPCA op shop on our adventures, because I’ve always been one to add a little drama wherever possible.

Also, the hat though, because this Sunday I’ll be embarking on another kind of adventure: a group of my closest friends and I – including the aforementioned Alana, whose father’s name we’re raising money in –  will be joining in on the World’s Greatest Shave, raising funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. So far, our team has raised over $2000, which is so overwhelmingly amazing, and helps me not feel too nervous about cutting all my hair off! Of course, I’ll tell you more about all this after Sunday. But so, hats for the next few months!


My lovely mother helped me to take these pictures in the bushland two blocks from my house. Apart from my fabulous rigid leather Lady Explorer hat, I’m wearing a 1940s dress I bought from Bell’s Belles Vintage a few years ago. My Lady Explorer binoculars, in their nifty carry case are actually, in fact not binoculars for exploring, but binoculars for viewing the opera – which would be another adventure altogether! – and either belonged to my grandmother, or her mother.



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