Sip and Sup: Homemade Ricotta – Served Three Ways


When it comes to the season of relaxed barbeques and end of year merriment, it’s always a good idea to have a party trick up your sleeve. I’m not talking about double-jointedness, or awkward jokes, I mean a signature dish that sounds way more complicated than it is. It’s up to you whether or not you let your friends know just how easy it is – you could always go for the good old, “Oh this? This was nothing!” and then wink, and join in on another conversation, leaving your friend guessing.

A couple of summers ago, I found one such recipe that does the trick perfectly. If you can make a homemade version of something that usually nobody bothers to make, you know you’re onto a winner. And such was the case with this homemade ricotta.

I think, over the course of this summer, I made this ricotta for five different get-togethers; barbeques, Christmas parties, nights by the pool. And every time, I was met with a “You made this?!”. I tried explaining how easy it was, but my friends would not hear it. But you’ll listen to me, right? You’ll let me explain just how easy it is, and then you’ll claim it as your own, and impress your own friends, won’t you? You and me, we’re onto something good here. Continue reading